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We have everything you need to make a professional statement on the web.  No technical skills or experience?  No problem!

We have leveled the playing field, removed all the roadblocks so you can start making profit from your website in less time.

1. Make it easy to remember

2.  Make it short

3.  Do not use numbers and hyphens

4.  Use the right extension (.com, .org, .net, .info)

5.  Easy to pronounce, spell and type

6. Consider the purpose of your website.

7.  Do not use trade marked names on your domain

8.  Do not use abbreviation

9. Register your domain for two or more years.

10.  Make sure to add privacy protection on checkout.

1. Make it easy to remember

2.  Make it short

3.  Do not use numbers and hyphens

4.  Use the right extension (.com, .org, .net, .info)

5.  Easy to pronounce, spell and type

6. Consider the purpose of your website.

7.  Do not use trade marked names on your domain

8.  Do not use abbreviation

9. Register your domain for two or more years.

10.  Make sure to add privacy protection on checkout.

Web Hosting With cPanel

With any one of our Linux Web Hosting with cPanel you can manage your hosted websites, files and emails in one single location.

Our inbuilt tools and features are simplified and user friendly in such a way that even a beginner can easily manage their web hosting without the need to pay someone else to do it.

Managed WordPress Hosting

This is our exclusive WordPress hosting plan with a tailor made and super optimized server.

With managed WordPress, we take care of all the hosting related techie stuff required to effectively run a smooth WordPress site.

We will automatically take care of daily backups, WP updates, site speed and uptime.  This is a great hosting option for beginners and busy entrepreneurs.

Fast & Easy Website Builder

Finally, a website builder that is fast and easy.  With our website builder, building a website does not have to be a daunting task.

Whatever it is you want to share with the world you can get it done in just a few hours.

This is a simple and straightforward way to build a professional website. You’ll have access to over 300 themes to custom create a beautiful professional website.

Email Marketing Plans

Email marking is a great way to communicate and engage customers or prospects.

Most people when they receive an email will either reply, forward, click through the links inside the email body, or simply follow your call to action to either sign up or buy a product.

You can can customize your emails to fit the needs of your target market or your list.

You can also direct your email readers back to your website to take a specific action.  You can also pre write al l your outgoing emails and set them on an auto pilot.

SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate is a code that we install on your website server to provide security for online communications for example, credit card transactions, login usernames, passwords, an any other data transfer.

Once installed on your web server, it’ll automatically activate the green padlock and the https protocol to allow secure connections from your web server to a browser.

Each time your secured website is contacted by a web browser, the SSL certificate automatically activates an encrypted connection.

Search Engine Visibility

Our Search Engine Visibility feature is an Internet-based search engine optimization and submission tool.  This tool will guide you in optimizing your website step by step.

This will in turn increase your website’s search engine ranking.

With our Keyword suggestion guide, you will see a great improvement to your website ranking.

This tool will also guide you on how to submit a sitemap to various search engines.

Domains, Hosting, Website Security, Website Builder, Managed WordPress, SSL Certificates, Email Marketing, Search Engine Visibility, Email Via Fax, Online Storage, Quick Shopping Cart and an outstanding 24/7 customer support team.

Everything You Need To Create And Launch A Professional Website.

Register a domain name, add domain privacy, add web hosting and SSL Certificate and you are done!

Domain Registration

Select a domain name that best represent you and your brand.  Make sure to select domain privacy on the next page. Domain privacy protects your personal information such as name, email, telephone number and home address from public exposure.

Web Hosting

Once you select a domain name add a hosting plan that best suits your business needs. If you need access to cPanel make sure to select any of the plans that has a cpanel.  You can also select managed WordPress for your blog.

Website Security

Unfortunately all websites are prone to security risk. An SSL certificate encrypts data being transmitted to and from your website.  Website security protects your website from vulnerabilities, such as malware, and other attacks.

Building A Website Is Simple And Fast.  We Have Everything You Need – All In One Place

Start by registering a domain name that best represent your brand.  Protect your personal information by adding domain privacy on the checkout page.

Select a hosting plan and an SSL certificate and you are done. Continue to install and customize your website to your liking.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer.  The purpose for installing SSL Certificate on your website/blog is to provide secure and encrypted communications between your website and an internet browser.

SSL certificate protect important information such as credit cards, personal information, login usernames and passwords from being stolen.

Once it is installed on your server, it will activate a secure web padlock and  yourHyper Text Transfer Protocol http:// will be replaced by https:// which is a secure version.

The (S) at the end of https:// stands for secure.  It simply means communication between your browser and the website is encrypted.  Check out our SSL Certificates Plans and get started today.

Our Search Engine Visibility tools will guide you into optimizing your website so it can get ranked by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask etc.

When your website get higher ranking on search engine results it translates to more organic traffic to your website.

The more people get sent to your website by search engines, the more you achieve your bottom line -profit!

You cannot make money from your website if you have no organic targeted web visitors.

Search engine optimization evolves from time to time to include new tactics.

With this tool you are always going to be up to date with what is working and the best way to optimize your website to stay ahead of your competition.

Check out our Search Engine Visibility Tool and get started today.

Website security is different from the security provided by an SSL certificate.

While an SSL certificate protects information from being stolen during your server communication with a web browser, it does not protect your website from being vulnerable to other attacks such as malware.

Unfortunately a lot of website owners tend to think they don’t have to protect their site from hacking if they are not running an e-commerce store.

You will be surprised to learn that in most cases hackers don’t always breach a website to steal personal or login information.

In most cases they will try to hack your server and use it as the platform to send out spam emails.

They can also use your server to serve illegal files on the web or simply use it as a botnet.

You can be infected with malicious software without your knowledge. You can stop this by adding Website Security to your server.   Check out our Web Security Plans and start protecting your website today.

This is an effective way to send out emails, broadcasts and autoresponders to customers and prospects.

With our email marketing tool, you can build your list of thousands of prospects and keep them engaged all on an auto pilot.

You will be able to create different campaigns, track whether people are opening your emails, track to see who has opened and who hasn’t and if they click on any links inside the email.

Your email marketing results can be measured by analyzing our system generated report each time you send out an email.

Email marketing is a modern day cost-effective and a powerful marketing tool that enables business owners to connect with customers and prospects in their inbox which is a place most people visit daily.

Check out our Email Marketing Plans and start building loyalty and trust in your brand. This is the best tool for building your list by generating good quality leads.

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