Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing is a cost effective digital marketing strategy used by a lot of successful entrepreneurs and businesses.  This is a process where an individual or a company send out emails to prospects and their existing customers.

The goal of an email marketing campaign is to convert prospects into customers and to boost customer retention by converting their existing customers into loyal and raving fans.  The process of email marketing campaign begins when someone opt in to subscribe to your email list or when they make a purchase from you.

Whether you already have a list of subscribers or you are just starting out, email marketing is a must have marketing tool for any business.  So, let us look deeper into how email marketing works and what you should know before buying this service.

1.  Opt In Form

Your email provider should provide you the ability to create a simple opt in form to post on your website or blog.  This is a form of consent that simply gives your website visitors the option to opt in to receive emails from you or to receive a particular offer.

Without this opt in consent, any email you send to people is considered  unsolicited and spam.  Without an opt in form, there is no effective email marketing.

2. Pre-Designed Email Templates

In addition to sending out emails, a good email marketing provider will also provide their customers with beautiful ready made email templates for free and of course an option to upload your own if you so desire.

3.  Stock Images:

A good email marketing service provider will provide their customers with free stock images with no copyright.  This make it much easier for their customers because they do not have to spend time online trying to find appropriate images to use with their outgoing email campaigns.

4.   Autoresponders

This is a feature that allows you to automatically send out a sequence of emails to a group or multiple different groups of subscribers in the order or frequency that you decide.

5.  Specified Triggers

A good email marketing provider will provide you with a tracking system that is based on your readers action.  They will provide you with a list of your subscribers who opened your email, how many times they opened it and what date and time.

You will also be provided with a detailed report of those who clicked on links within the email and how many times they did it, those who did not open the email and any bounced email. Bounced email could be as a result of full inbox or wrong email address.

6.  Simple Import and Export

A good email marketing provider will allow you to import and export subscribers.  This means you have a back up of your subscribers on your own computer.  You can also import your previously authorized subscribers from your computer to your email marketing account or add them one by one.

The above are the six most important features an email marketing provider must have in place in order for you as a business owner to conduct effective email marketing campaigns.

The good news is that we have made it easy for you.  We provide all the above features plus more with our email marketing service.  Please click the image below to see our email marketing plans and get started today.

Email Marketing Plans

Domain Name Selection Tips

(1) Easy to type by not using slang.

(2)  Make it short.

(3) Do not use numbers instead of words.

(4) . Do not use hyphen.

(5  Make it easy to remember.

(6)  Use the right domain extension.

(7)  Buy your domain name fast.  Domains sell very fast and it may not be available next day.

SSL Website Protectiion

You would never leave your house or your car unlocked because you make it easy for thieves.  The same applies to your website.  If you do not protect your website by locking it with SSL you make it easy for online thieves to steal information such as credit cards, login usernames and passwords.  Get your website protected today!

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