Ideas And Tips On How To Purchase The Perfect Domain Name For Your Business

(1) Easy to pronounce and type

When deciding on a domain name, do not use slang like U instead of you, or words that have multiple spelling eg express and xpress, install and instal etc.

(2)  Make It Short

If your domain name is too long it will be harder for your customers to remember it or to spell it correctly when typing. Keep it simple!

(3) Do Not Use Numbers

Do not use numbers instead of words example 4 instead of for or 2 instead of to, etc.  Don’t complicate it. Use words.

(4)  Do Not Use Hyphen

Do not hyphenate your domain name.  People will definitely not remember to type the dash.  When they hear your domain name mentioned they may not know that there is a hyphen.

(5  Make It Easy To Remember

Make your domain name memorable.  A short, easy to write and catchy domain name will be easy for your customers or prospects to remember.

(6)  Use The Right Domain Extension

Make the right domain extension.  This depends on your business type and sometimes your country. Majority of people and businesses use .com but you will find that non profit organizations tend to use .org.

Someone or a business in UK might opt for .UK extensions while USA persons and businesses use .com

(7)  Buy your domain name fast

Domains sell very fast and it may not be available next day. If you procrastinate you will miss out! Select your domain name below.

Domain Name Selection Tips

(1) Make sure your domain name is easy to type by not using slang.

(2)  Keep it short and simple.

(3) Do not use numbers instead of words.

(4) Do not use hyphen.

(5  Make it easy to remember.

(6)  Use the right domain extension.

(7)  Buy your domain name fast.  Domains sell very fast and it may not be available next day.

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