Two Must Have Tools To Get Your Website Launched

If you have a desire to get a website but don’t have the know how or the money to pay professional web designers, this blog post is your roadmap on how to do just that.

If you are feeling  a little overwhelmed and clueless  because you don’t know where or how to get started with your website you have landed in the right place.

We have taken away all the guesswork so you can build your website with ease without spending thousands of dollars. To get started with your website or  blog you’ll need the following website building tools which are all available on this website.

1) Domain Name:

The first thing you need is a domain name.  A domain name is simply your digital address that is used to access your website.

A domain name is similar to a house or business street address for example the domain address for this website is

Domain Privacy:  The one thing to remember when you purchase a domain name is to register it as a private domain.  Domain privacy is for your own protection.

If you do not add domain privacy at checkout your personal information will be open to the public. This mean anyone including the always hungry telemarketers will have access to your full name, home address, telephone number and email address.

So, to protect your personal information simply add domain privacy at checkout.  For some European countries this is automatically added but for everyone else you will need to manually select to add privacy.

You can click on the image below to register your new domain name now.



2) . Web Hosting

The next thing you are going to need to get your website launched is Website Hosting. A website hosting service stores your site’s files in some high-powered computers known as web servers which are connected to a very fast network.

When someone enter your domain name or website address there is an entire process that takes place to communicate with your web server in order for your visitors to see your web files.

While there is no need for you to understand exactly how this process works, it is important to know that you cannot have a website without a web hosting.

You can click the image below to get your Web Hosting Service.  Select a plan that best suits your business needs.

Domain Name Selection Tips

(1) Easy to type by not using slang.

(2)  Make it short.

(3) Do not use numbers instead of words.

(4) . Do not use hyphen.

(5  Make it easy to remember.

(6)  Use the right domain extension.

(7)  Buy your domain name fast.  Domains sell very fast and it may not be available next day.

SSL Website Protectiion

You would never leave your house or your car unlocked because you make it easy for thieves.  The same applies to your website.  If you do not protect your website by locking it with SSL you make it easy for online thieves to steal information such as credit cards, login usernames and passwords.  Get your website protected today!

Website Hosting

Our website hosting service stores your site’s files in some high-powered computers known as web servers which are connected to a very fast network. Select your web hosting plan here.

Managed WordPress

We know you are a busy entrepreneur. This is why we created  Managed WordPress which allow you to focus on much needed business marketing and content creation as we take care of all the technical stuff for you  including server setup, protecting your website from hacking and malware attacks, backups, and site performance optimization.